• A friendly helping hand

    Your home computer doesn't need to be one of life's modern headaches. There are patient, effective solutions for any age or ability. Let a friendly helping hand tackle all the complicated details, and provide personalized assistance that will simplify your life, and ensure success.

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  • Order
    instead of chaos

    Technology should serve you, whether its using Facebook to keep in touch with loved ones, mastering email, making purchases online, or streaming movies. Learn to make these tasks a more ordered and confident part of everyday life. I can help with immediate results.

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  • The right tools
    for better living

    Technology serves you best when you avoid many of the gimmicks in the latest gadgets. There are real opportunities out there to streamline your life if you know how to navigate them wisely. And the wisest solutions usually involve spending less money, not more.

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What I Do

I take the time to understanding your real needs regarding technology, and then offer myself as a full resource in helping you get where you want to go. Simplifying your life, putting you in control, and saving you money are top priorities. Patient, encouraging help for seniors is a speciality.

I'm the perfect resource for acquiring low-cost, fast and reliable equipment, fully tested and prepared by a friendly helping hand.

I will gladly:

  • Assist with a fresh start. Great equipment,
    at great prices, with no mark-up.
  • Get you all set up, using the best free
    email, anti-virus and backup solutions.
  • Offer trusted advice on basic questions,
    like "which wireless router should I buy?"
  • Provide solutions and tutoring for those
    just starting out. Saving you money.

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What I Bring

I bring 25 years experience integrating technology into educational and administrative settings. My travels have brought me from high school teacher to campus computer coordinator, from office IT administrator to educational software developer.

Now I'd like to take what I've learned and help my neighbors as a trusted member of the community. I'm a settled family man with my wife of 21 years, along with our four children in local schools, grades 4 through 11. So you've probably seen me around.

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Free Consultation

If you live in Northwestern Vermont, I'm available to discuss your needs. With no obligation, let's see if I'm the right person to help.

Give me a call at (802) 878-6088,
or email: service@BasicLearning.com

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