About Stephen

More than 25 years ago, Stephen was a young Brown University graduate with a degree in computer science. And he had a decision to make. Should he accept the job offer he received from Wang Labs in Boston with a starting salary of $35K/year, or should he travel 3,000 miles from home to become the first Campus Computer Coordinator at Cate School, a private boarding school. As a full faculty member, his duties would also include teaching math and computer science, at a salary of $17K/year + Room and Board (more of a loft in a barn actually).

Well, as Vermont's first Poet Laureate once said, "I took the road less travelled by, and that has made all the difference." So it was for Stephen.

During those starting out years, Stephen knew he made the right decision. At Cate School he nurtured a love for teaching, and an appreciation for living and working with a deep sense of community. Integrating technology into this educational community was a passion of his. From then on, he knew that his career choices would be marked by a desire to use technology to serve people.

This chapter in Stephen's life ended when something unexpected happened. It took four years of living on the west coast for Stephen to meet a most amazing "eastern girl", right there in Southern California, the one who is now his wife of more than 20 years. Within a year both relocated back east. In the fall of 1993, Stephen was back "home" in Massachusetts looking for the job that would provide for his future family. He did not want to work in Boston, so he answered a tiny, half-inch ad in the Boston Globe looking for a Macintosh Software developer to work for a small company that created special education software for kids with special needs, all the way up north in Winooski, VT.

That was more than 21 years ago, and Stephen has been at that same company, combining computer technology with serving people, ever since. During that time, Stephen has observed a growing need for people to manage technology wisely, and to not become burdened or distracted by the complexities it now adds to everyday living. While technology does offer advantages in keeping us connected, its complexities also introduce challenges for living peaceful, productive lives in the context of real community. Stephen wants to focus on serving people in ways that help them overcome these challenges.