My services cover four main areas:

1. A Fresh Start

The best advice I have for people struggling with a slow, infected computer is to get a fresh start, one that permanently protects against such problems in the future.

Why throw away almost $100 at your local computer shop, on a temporary system clean-up that doesn't even feel like a complete fix? As a friendly helping hand, I can walk with you down a cost-effective road with real solutions.

Being a friendly helping hand means I work for you. It means I have your best interests in mind at all times. The great deals I find on technology become your great deals. Why? - because you won't pay a penny more than what I paid to acquire the equipment you need. If you want something extra or specific, I'll simply go out and find it for you and install it for you. There's no extra service fee.

A basic fresh start and it's costs begin with the following six components:


The best part about this approach is that it comes with zero-markup pricing built in. If you want a bigger monitor, we can discuss what you're willing to spend, and I can try to find it for you. Don't need a monitor? Then you are free to strike it from the list! Want a wireless keyboard and mouse? Does a laptop, or an even faster system better suit you? I'm now working for you for all these needs. And in every case you will only pay what I pay, and you can set the limits.

With me as your friendly helping hand, a real fresh start means you're fully provided for, with a responsive, fully tested, smooth running, name brand computer system with:

  • Full system preparation included, tailored to you needs.
  • Delivery and Setup included.
  • Transfer of your personal files and software.
  • Anti-virus and backup systems custom installed.
  • Installation of parental controls.
  • Follow up training and technical support. (Which means I'm on call for you, free of charge.)
  • The freedom to "try before you buy". (Because we're in this together.)

If you are truly starting from scratch, then I can walk you through all of the steps to get you where you want to go. Choosing and activating internet service, setting up a wireless network, or getting the most out of a new high-tech gadget are tasks that are easily mastered with a friendly helping hand working for you.

2. Wishes Granted

A friendly helping hand can make all the difference with that one specific hurdle you'd like to overcome, or that one task you'd like to master, or maybe just that one question you need answered. Your wish is my command, in the form of a friendly helping hand. Here are some examples of wishes you may have:

  • I wish I knew whether an ipad, chromebook, tablet, or computer is best for me.
  • I wish I knew how to load music onto my phone.
  • I wish I knew how to sell an item on ebay.
  • I wish I knew the best way to stream movies to my TV.
  • I wish I knew my options for simple, cheap cell phone service that's less than $5/month.
  • I wish I knew how to find deals on the every day things I need to buy.


3. Technology Tutoring (and Coaching)

Let me take you where you want to go in your use and understanding of technology. No problem is too simple or too complex. Senior assistance is a specialty. I'm as patient as they come. Tutoring rates are just $35 / hour, which includes money-saving purchasing assistance.


4. Computer Fixes

- System scans and fixes that are done on-site in less than one hour ......... $35
- More aggressive solutions back at the shop (2 hrs labor) ......................... $70
- "Whatever it takes" system rebuilds with file backup and restoration ... $140