Free Classroom Bingo

Free download is now available! (For Windows XP, Vista, 7, & 8)

Also Now Available! . . . "Tell Time Bingo"

Classroom Bingo fully automates the delivery of traditional bingo to the classroom. It generates and prints unlimited random bingo cards, and it provides automatic multi-media delivery of bingo to the classroom.

A projected computer screen and/or speakers are all you need for AUTOMATIC multimedia delivery of bingo to your classroom. Large projected text, real spoken speech, and customized delivery frees the teacher to roam the classroom and provide differentiated instruction to students, a key ingredient to common core standards.

Some key features of this complete bingo solution:

1. Create and print unlimited random bingo cards.

2. Customize delivery with "repeated speech".

3. Customize the pace of delivery with a selectable "time delay".

4. Pause delivery to display delivered "answers", and confirm winners.

5. Be sure to read the user's guide to uncover a CONTROVERSIAL, but fully optional, SECRET HIDDEN FEATURE. (Hint: Have you ever wished you could "hand pick" a winner for that certain kid who could really benefit from feeling a little special today?)

Getting Started:

A complete user's guide can be found: Here

------------- Program Screen Shots -------------

Screen #1: Main Program Screen:

Screen #2: Sample Bingo Card: (fills 8.5x11 sheet)

Screen #3: Projected Bingo Delivery Screen with LARGE Text.

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