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What's a fun, easy to use, horse racing program doing on a site for basic learning? The answer may surprise you, and give you a better understanding of what Basic Learning Bits & Bytes is all about.

Ease of use makes this program extremely accessible to young learners. And for adults, the internal workings of this program will not disappoint.

This program features a mathematical engine that stays true to the science of probability, statistics, and randomization. The generated odds and outcomes for each race are the result of computer models running mathematical simulations with zero gimmicks.

And yet each race, with each horse behaving completely independently, features a special random algorithm that produces realistic, flowing, mesmerizing races. Rooting for your favorite horse has never been more fun. Just try a few races and you'll see what we mean. But don't be surprised if a 2:1 favorite comes in first half the time. And yet after a hundred races, chances are fair that you'll see a couple of payouts of 50:1 or more come in for the quinella bets. Because these races are true to their odds.

After you are hooked, use this program with your 10 year old, 8 year old, or even your 6 year old, and watch the learning that naturally and gradually takes hold. Your child will be understanding multiples, ratios, number pairings, elementary statistics, optimized decision making, and the nature of randomness ... all because this tool is 100% accessible to him or her, with no distracting gimicks or complexities.

Getting Started:

1) Download the entire program, (with limitations enabled), free of charge and take it for a spin.

2) If you like what you see, purchase a registration code to unlock all of the program's features. It's automatically emailed to you as soon as you complete your purchase. After running the program, click the registration button to register the product:

3) And last but not least, we are a family-friendly business. Use our contact form for any assistance you might need. We want to be a responsive resource that you can turn to for help.

------------- Program Screen Shots -------------

Screen #1:

------------- Some Usage Notes -------------

Basic Operation:

1. Below the track, click on buttons to place bets. One click places a bet of one credit. Repeat clicks increases the bet. There are 6 "Win Bet" buttons and 15 "Quinella Bet" buttons.

2. For "Win" bets, the payout odds are displayed in the first column of the Tote Board located above the track. For "Quinella" bets, the payout odds are displayed directly below the betting button.

3. During betting, a 60 second countdown timer is displayed on the right side of the race track. You may "pause" this timer if you need more time. You may also "skip" the timer to begin the race right away. Pause and skip buttons are located to the right of the countdown.

4. A "Tips and Settings" button shows a few more advanced options.

5. There is also a 15 second countdown at the end of each race for you to review the race results before the next race is set up. This timer may also be paused or skipped.

The Tote Board:

The tote board displays some important statistics about the upcoming race. To the right of each horse's name, there are five columns of information about each horse.

1. Payout Odds: These numbers represent how much you will be paid for each credit that you bet on the particular horse to win, if he in fact does win. For example, a horse with a payout of "3" will statistically come in first 1/3 of the time (however, odds ARE rounded). If you bet 2 credits on that horse to win, you will be paid 6 credits if the horse does indeed come in first.

2. #Races: This column displays how many races the particular horse has been in since the day you, as a particular user, began using the program. All horse stats accumulate through the life of the program for each "user" logged in at the home screen. There is a database of 60 named horses.

3. #1st: This column displays how many times the particular horse has come in first place. For example, of the 14 races that "Quantum Leap" has ever been in, he has come in first 3 times.

4. #2nd: This column displays how many times the particular horse has come in second place. For example, of the 11 races that "Gallop Foal" has ever been in, he has come in second twice.

5. Last 5 Finishes: This column displays how a horse has performed in each of its last 5 races. For example, "Filly Idol" came in dead last in his most recent race(6), followed by a pair of third-place finishes. Even though he's come in first once in his 14 races, this did not happen in his last 5 races. It appears, based on his odds of winning 1/6 of the time, that this horse is due! But there are no guarantees! The race is not rigged in any way. It succombs only to the process of random chance.

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